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The 21-year-old joined the Hammers on a free transfer last summer, but the Reds were due a compensation fee as Fletcher was under 24. The exact amount looked set to be decided by a tribunal following a long stalemate but, according to the Mirror , the two clubs have now agreed a fee of 1m. Fletcher very nearly broke into United's first team under Louis van Gaal before Marcus Rashford exploded onto the scene. The Keighley youngster had been earmarked for a place on the bench for a trip to Watford in November, 2015 but an injury meant that Rashford took his place. Read More How much Manchester United have spent on agent fees this season Fletcher chose to go out on loan in January - scoring nine goals as the Tykes gained promotion to the Championship - while Rashford went on to tear up the record books. The 21-year-old was offered a new contract at Old Trafford, but decided to leave the club after seven years with the Reds. "I just thought the decision was right for me and for my family; it was time for me to go and make a career for myself," he previously told Sky Sports . "Manchester United offered me a new contract, but in terms of what I wanted, it was not right. It wasn't about anything financial, it was just about my career and my progress.

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